Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Ripping Yarns.com to close

Ripping Yarns.com, the independent specialist publisher of adventure books, has announced that it's winding up operations. Ian Robertson, its founder, said on UKClimbing:

"In 2003 I started 'Ripping Yarns.com', republishing some classic adventure and mountaineering titles. We also published the much needed guidebook "Walks and Scrambles in Norway". However, it's now time for me to move on. Ripping Yarns.com didn't make any money last year: selling books to climbers in a down-turn ain't easy!"


  1. It's sad to know that Ripping Yarns did not make it. The publisher should have chosen the best authors. Adventure books are still in, and readers live on imagination. So, I bet there's still a chance. I do hope so.

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  2. Let's just look at the greener side. Though Ripping Yarns did not make it up to this time, let's congratulate them for making the best all through those years. As what the saying goes, every end has a new beginning.