Thursday, 4 February 2010

Amazon Adventure

Following the Colonel Percy Fawcett posting, Ben Hammott got in touch to say that he's just written Amazon Adventure, a novel about the explorer's journey to the Lost City of Z. Billed as an "exciting archaeological mystery thriller", the book story begins at Dead Horse Camp, Fawcett's last known position in 1925. From there, using old letters and diaries, Hammott's story "weaves together an exciting blend of fact and fiction linked to the legends surrounding the lost Fawcett expedition and the mysterious Amazonian Jungle."

As well as news about the book, the Fawcett Adventure website is a treasure trove of information about the man, including a list of the documents the Royal Geographical society holds about him.

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  1. Thanks for adding the info Richard.
    I have recently added some large maps of Colonel Fawcett's Expeditions into the Amazon Jungle, and an English translation of Manuscript 512, the document that helped Percy Fawcett believe a Lost City existed in the Amazon jungle to be discovered.