Thursday, 4 October 2012

Scott's last expedition (Part II)

Fashion designer Nigel Cabourn's latest creation is the Scott's Last Expedition Collection. It includes garments named after explorers on the British Antarctic Expedition 1910. For example, there is the Henry Robertson 'Birdie' Bowers Deck Jacket, the Oates Roll Neck Sweater, or the impressive looking Apsley Cherry-Garrard Expedition boot.

Cabourn explains the concept in an accompanying book:
The persistence and courage of the 5 explorers who perished due to extreme weather conditions has inspired me to created the Nigel Cabourn Authentic Limited Edition 2 Winter 2012 Collection. The 12 garments in this collection are inspired entirely by this fantastic expedition   and produced in the United Kingdom with British fabrics where possible.
Modelling some of the clothes is Ben Fogle who recently presented a BBC documentary on The Secrets of Scott's Hut. 
If you're into heritage clothing then these rather attractive garments are for you -  just remember that it's a limited edition with just 100 pieces of the outerwear.

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