Friday, 11 June 2010

1921 British Reconnaissance Expedition to Everest

The latest issue of Footless Crow features a first hand account by George Mallory of the 1921 British Reconnaissance Expedition to Everest. Despite various problems members of the team got up to 23,000 feet and saw the way up to the final ridge quite clearly.

Once back in the UK, Mallory was part of lecture series about the assault on the mountain - and the forthcoming 1922 expedition. The following review appeared in the Manchester Guardian on January 11 1922. Interestingly, though, three days later the paper also covered the lecture given at Manchester Free Trade Hall where it was noted that the speaker was "sparing in his use of maps". A later piece also revealed that Mallory stated what a pleasure it was to read the Guardian Weekly on Everest.

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