Monday, 10 May 2010

Wilfred Thesiger: A centenary exhibition

Next month sees the centenary of the birth of explorer, Wilfred Thesiger. On June 3 1910, he was born in a mud hut in Addis Ababa, part of the "barbaric splendour" of the Abyssinian Empire.

To celebrate the centenary, Wilfred Thesiger in Africa, a major new exhibition at the Pitts Rivers Museum, Oxford, will show a wide selection of the great man's photographs - many for the first time. These relate to his life and travels in the continent and will also include objects he donated to the museum. There is an accompanying book, comprising of his photographs and a collection of essays. Alexander Maitland, Thesiger's authorised biographer, is one of the editors. Read an article about the exhibition here.

The above photograph is by Jane Bown, the Observer's legendary photographer. For more information see a previous Thesiger posting.

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