Thursday, 21 January 2010

Reinhold Messner and Nanga Parbat

When the frozen remains of Gunther Messner, the lost brother of Italian mountaineer Reinhold Messner, were discovered on a Himalayan peak in August 2005, a decades old mystery appeared to have been solved. However, as the Guardian reports, Nanga Parbat, a new film about the ill-fated expedition, has prompted fellow climbers to attack as "false" the version of events being portrayed on the screen. This, they say, only tells Messner's side of the story.

Ever since the expedition to climb the mountain in 1970, rumours persisted that Messner had abandoned his younger brother to die, as he continued to the top alone. The man, often described as the greatest mountaineer in history, always maintained that Guther died in an avalanche. The discovery of the body, and confirmation through DNA testing in October 2005, finally proved that Messner had been telling the truth.

See Nanga Parbat trailers here and here.

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